Restoring an old Houseboat in 10 years or Less (We Hope) closing ~ Dissapointed with

I’ve hosted the blog on GoDaddy since it’s inception. They recently decided to discontinue the platform “Quick Blogcast” and any users must save their content and move to a different blog platform. They offer a managed WordPress option which (surprise!) costs more money.

I contacted their tech support to see if they could move my pictures and video to my GoDaddy hosted web server and they told me that they didn’t have anyone who could do that.

Really??? I mean come on.

So I installed WordPress on my own on my GoDaddy server and it has crashed 3 times. I reinstalled it once on my own. Then when the same thing happened (Internal Server error 500) I contacted tech support and they worked on it and finally gave up and told me to backup my database, move one of the WordPress folders and reinstall and move the folder back.

It didn’t work.

At this point I will have to manually link all the photos and video from the previous site to this one. I am very disappointed with GoDaddy and will probably find another hosting company.

In the meantime, I am sorry that the photos, video and comments no longer are active on the blog. I will restore them as soon as possible.

Hang to the Riggins,


5 thoughts on “ closing ~ Dissapointed with

  1. Capt. Ray Albert

    I have enjoyed your rebuild as I am doing a 50ft Gibson and have learned a great deal from you. Hope you get things fixed so. Go Daddy needs to get things fixed not race cars. Thank you, Captain Ray

    1. Wade Post author

      Capt. Ray,
      Thanks for checking in. I’d love to see some pics of that 50’er. Things are crazy here as we are getting our house of 30 plus years cleaned out and cleaned up to put on the market. Keep in touch,

  2. Jack of some Trade

    I was sorry to see that godaddy left you out in the cold. I have been following your project for several years. I myself enjoy buidling things and your project has helped me maintian a family houseboat as well as some of my ski boat projects.

    I also happen to work in IT and know some in’s and outs of web hosting. I have hosted my webpage on Yahoo for years and I have been happy with it, you might give them a try. Also if you need some assitance with getting your data migrated to another platform let me know and I will see if it’s something I can help you with. Let the project continue.

    1. Wade Post author

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and offer help. I am a novice with Word Press and will hopefully be able to get things straightened out when I get more time.

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